Who we are:

  • We serve the Colombian industry since 1978; we make any kind of springs for any king of use as well: Extension Springs, Compression Springs, Torsion Springs, Wire forms, Straightness wire, Rings and Security Pins, according draughts or specifications.
  • We work the best carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire, offering various surface finishing, such as color, coating or plating, under strict quality control and management that have given us full accreditation national and international.
  • We can serve the electric appliances, electronics, computers, cars, agriculture, toys, plastics, metal mechanic, textile industries and, also the industrial maintenance of machinery and equipments since small orders, just “ONE” until unlimited quantities.
  • We manufacture springs using high precision automatic spring-maker machines and a high tech staff team that keep continuous up dating from the technological and scientific advances to attend in the best way, the most demanding order in a promptly delivery response.
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